Dashing Properties is a local and reliable company that provides vast solutions to clients that are in need in distress with there property. We have been in the Real Estate Investing business for over 65 years. We have manage to find clients and individuals all over the world financial stability by helping them with there home or property burdens. We have managed to help thousands of clients all over the world with this task and pride ourselves in 2 things. 

1. In always improving the financial situation of the client by proving a win-win scenario. ALWAYS! If the client doesn't win we DO NOT go forward with the deal!

2. Treating every client like family. Being a small company we always deliver the best of attention since its us the actual founders who pride the services. 

We have managed to solve clients distress around the world (UK, Canada, USA, Venezuela and Australia). Thanks to our vast experience we separate ourselves from the rest of the investment groups in the market.